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Minnie & Mickey Mouse Whiting Davis Child's Mesh Purse

$ 420.00 $ 495.00

Rare Vintage Collectible Handbag - This is an original, child size, Whiting & Davis silver mesh purse. It is enameled with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, taking a stroll.

This 1930's purse is in great shape, all original, with colorful enameling. There is very slight wear to the enamel and metal wear of the frame. There are a few links that are unattached from holes in frame in both corners and were at some time reinforced with string. It does not look as though any links are missing.

This purse measures 4.1 inches by 1.58 inches and the chain is 6 inches long with a 3 inch hang.  It is signed Whiting & Davis, Made In USA.

This Mickey and Minnie purse is nothing but adorable and whoever buys it, will be totally in love with it, because I sure am.

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