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Elegance You Can Wear at a Price You Can Afford September 7, 2020 17:30

Treat yourself with 30% OFF!

Enter code TREAT30 when checking out to receive the discount.

vintage and antique jewelry sale

Show the World You Shine with 25% Off! August 8, 2020 18:47

Enter code SHINE25 when checking out to receive the discount.

This discount code and be used multiple times.

vintage and antique jewelry sale

Welcome July with 25% Off Storewide Sale! July 5, 2020 14:35

Just enter code JULY25 when checking out. 

This code can be used multiple times!

25% off sale at The Jewelry Lady's Store

25% Off - The Jewelry Lover's Sale! May 25, 2020 18:12

Just for you, we are offering 25% off everything in our store.
Yes, everything! Just click here and enter code JEWELS25 when checking out. This code can be used multiple times.
25% off store wide sale

One For You and One For Your Valentine February 4, 2020 19:14

30% Off - An Early Treat For Valentine's Day! 
For this special occasion, we will run 30% off everything in our store.
Yes, everything!
Just enter code VAL30 when checking out. This code can be used multiple times.

30% OFF JUST FOR YOU! November 28, 2019 12:07

Starting now we are running 30% off store wide for a week. Store wide means EVERYTHING! Just click here & enter code FORYOU30 when checking out to receive the discount. Here are a few of our beautiful pieces of jewelry.
Black Friday Sale

40% OFF SALES EVENT November 3, 2019 18:33

I have created a collection called 40% OFF SALES EVENT with over 350 fabulous jewelry pieces.

To receive the discount, visit the collection and enter code JEWELS40 when checking out.

vintage jewelry sale

Your Beautiful Featured Jewelry - You Don't Want To Miss This! August 28, 2019 20:31

For a limited time you can receive 20% OFF of your ENTIRE ORDER. Just enter code SPARKLE20 when checking out to receive the discount! Click here:  and have fun!
Have a question?
Don't hesitate to contact me!
Jewelry Sale - 20% off

Baby Lennon June 29, 2019 16:32

Lennon's Story 
My grandchild, Lennon was born Jan. 22nd with a neural tube defect (spina bifida) and hydrocephalus, at Erlanger in Chattanooga. She had a hole and mass at the base of her spine and fluid on her brain.
In her first few days, she had surgery to close the hole, which was done by the Neuro surgery team, then the 2nd team of surgeons came in and did plastic surgery on the same area.
A week later she had an endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV), to try to relieve the fluid build-up on her brain. However, the ETV was not effective, so she had another surgery, implanting a shunt.
In addition to these issues, she has kidney and bladder function problems and has to be catheterized. We are being told that this will be the case for the first few years of her life.
Her parents are Jared and Autumn, and she has a 2 year old brother Jedidiah. To put it lightly, their lives have changed dramatically. Lennon requires constant care and Autumn quit her job to take care of her.
Lennon does have a lot of movement in her legs and I will tell you, this sweet baby works hard - 2 therapies every week, therapy at home, multiple doctor visits every week. 
Lennon is a miracle, and you can tell by the pictures the progress she has made. She is now 5 months old. 
I have 3 pieces of jewelry for sale in my store and every dollar from these sales will go to Lennon.
Amethyst Earrings -
Amethyst Necklace -
Ruby Earrings -

Who Doesn't Like a Sale? April 14, 2019 14:12

I know I do!
Enter code FABULOUSJEWELS when checking out to receive
20% OFF ANY ITEM in my store.
Here is just a few of the rings that I offer.
vintage and antique rings gemstones gold sterling - The Jewelry Lady's Store

It's OK to be a LITTLE Obsessed with Jewelry January 21, 2019 13:44

Especially when it's 20% OFF!
Vintage and Antique Jewelry Sale
A Great Sale For The Jewelry Lover At
With 20% OFF and Free Shipping
Just enter code JEWELRY20 when checking out to receive the discount.
Shop here The Jewelry Lady's Store to find a selection of vintage jewelry from Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and retro period.

CYBER YAY SALE - 30% OFF STOREWIDE November 27, 2018 21:39

30% OFF STOREWIDE SALE! Click here: and enter code 30FORYOU when checking out to receive discount.
30% off store wide jewelry sale

Black Friday and More! November 24, 2018 11:47

It's that time of year again! 30% OFF store wide for your Christmas shopping pleasure! Use code 30FORYOU when checking out to receive the discount.
vintage antique jewelry

WHO DOESN'T LOVE A GOOD SALE? November 4, 2018 16:20

And 50% off is a good one! I have over 250 items in a "Sales Event" collection and will add items daily.

Use discount code 50ISBIG when checking out to receive 50% off! Happy Shopping!

Roger Vivier for House of Dior May 5, 2018 18:55

Can you pick your favorite? I can't!
Roger Vivier opened his first boutique in Paris in 1937, and famously created heels for Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot and Queen Elizabeth II. 
He once said, ”To wear dreams on one’s feet is to begin to give a reality to one’s dreams”.
To find more fabulousness, you can click the picture below and follow me on facebook.
Roger Vivier shoes for Christian Dior

Looking For The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift? February 2, 2018 08:28

The Jewelry Lady's Store makes it easy with 30% off! This means everything is 30% off. AND we offer FREE U.S. shipping! Just enter discount code VAL2018 when checking out. This code can be used for multiple items, multiple purchases.
Here are just a few of our featured items for your special Valentine.
Valentine jewelry sale

Gold Filled Bangle Bracelet with Enamel Hearts December 15, 2017 10:23

I just added this lovely gold filled vintage bangle bracelet. It has  an Émail de Taille d'Épargne enamel floral design around the bracelet. In the center there are two guilloche enamel hearts with pink roses.
I hope that you love this bracelet as much as I do!
vintage gold filled bangle guilloche enamel hearts

30% Off Sale For 3 More Days November 30, 2017 20:25

We've been adding many beautiful pieces to our store! And for 3 more days, through December 3, you can receive 30% off by entering discount code JEWELRYSALE when checking out. Here are just a few of our fabulous pieces! 

It's the Black Friday Sale - 30% off November 22, 2017 19:32

For 12 days, we will run 30% off storewide. Just enter discount code BLACKFRIDAY2017 when checking out. The code can be used as many times as you want. And we have so much to choose from - vintage, antique and new jewelry, costume or fine. So have fun and SHOP AWAY!
vintage and antique jewelry sale black friday

Big Sale on Vintage & Antique Jewelry September 25, 2017 22:06

50% off sale, only one more day. Over 300 items and free US shipping. Below are just a few of the lovelies! Click the picture to view the sale.


Vintage and Antique Jewelry Sales Event - 50% Off September 21, 2017 22:00

Who loves a sale besides me? I have over 300 items in my 'Sales Event' collection and am adding daily. This sale will run for 5 more days and end on September 26. Enter discount codes JEWELS4U when checking out to receive the discount.
Just click the picture below to start saving!
 vintage and antique rhinestone jewellery the jewelry lady's store

50% Off Sale Vintage & Antique Jewelry September 13, 2017 09:31

This is my BIGGEST sale of the year. I have created a 'Sales Event collection' with over 200 items from my store. All of these items are available at 50% off. All you have to do is enter discount code JEWELS4U when checking out to get the discount. So, just load up your shopping cart! And please message me if you have any questions. Below are just a few pretties included in the sale. Click the picture and you will be directed to the sales event collection.

Make an Offer Has Been Updated August 2, 2017 12:45

I am so excited about the 'Make an Offer' update. Now, when you make an offer, I can just click 'accept' or 'counter' and you will receive an email. In the email, there will be a link enclosed, so you can just click through to make your purchase. This is so much easier than using discount codes. So, don't hesitate to send me an offer. This option is available on all of my listings, even this incredible vintage bracelet below. BUT, don't forget to check your email for my response! 

Antique Cameo Brooches & Pendant June 11, 2017 21:51

Just bought these lovely Victorian cameos. They are all 10k or 14k gold except one, which is sterling, all hand carved shell or angel skin coral. I will be listing these in my store. If you see one you like and can't find it, don't hesitate to message me. There is a message box on every listing in my store.